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Fees for Obtaining Surrender / Renunciation Certificate Waived જૂન 1, 2010

Posted by jagadishchristian in કાર્યક્રમ, વિચાર-મંથન, સમાચાર-હેવાલ.
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Dear Friends,

I am pleased to share this wonderful news that the fees & penalties are being waived for renouncing Indian citizenship and obtaining surrender certificate.

“In view of a large number of representations received from Persons of Indian Origin, it has been decided that the fees for obtaining Renunciation/Surrender Certificate from applicants who have acquired US citizenships before June 1, 2010 will be waived.  However, a miscellaneous service fee of US$ 20/- will be charged for surrender of passport for cancellation.  No penalties will be charged.  Already decided cases will, however, not be reopened.

Indian passport holders who acquire US/foreign citizenships on or after June 1, 2010 will, however, be required to pay the fees of US$ 175/- for obtaining Renunciation/Surrender certificate.”

Click here for the breaking news.

The effort of all the Indian Americans has paid off.

In view of this new change Federation of Indian Association has cancelled the peace rally scheduled for June 4th 2010.



1. નટવર મહેતા - જૂન 1, 2010

પ્રથમ તો આપનો હાર્દિક આભાર કે આ શુભ સમાચાર આપ્યા. છેવટે સચ્ચાઈનો વિજય થયો. બાકી તો એઓ લુંટવા જ બેઠા હતા.

2. Ramesh Patel - જૂન 2, 2010

Thanks … Federation of Indian Association.
આપનો હાર્દિક આભાર.
Ramesh Patel(Aakashdeep)

3. agnes kstephan - જૂન 2, 2010

dear jagadish,
thanks for the information..

4. trushar - જૂન 2, 2010


my mother indian passport was taken when she got her us citizenship. She has applied for OCI and current status is approved but then surrender certificate laws came in to picture. so she will not get OCI untill we submit $20 fee with passport but reality is she does not have her passport with her. what do we do in this case? just send $20 fee or do we need to send any other document?
thanks, for you help,

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