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“સૂરસફર” ની યાદગાર સફળતા બાદ “સૃજના” યોજે છે “શબ્દસંગત” – શ્રી. કૃષ્ણ દવે સાથે ગીત-ગઝલની મસ્તીભરી સાંજ November 20, 2014

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We would like to bring a superb end to our shows for the year 2014 by presenting a unique “Shabd Sangat” with our own Mr. Krushna Dave.​

Cordially we invite you to attend a special evening “Shabda Sangat” with a well known Poet Mr. Krushna Dave from Gujarat, India along with our home grown creative Poets. Please try to bring all Family members, Friends and support this event at your best. Details are given in this flyer, if you need to have more details please feel free to ask any of these contact number.

Hope to receive wonderful support from all of you.

Srujana Shabda sanget Flyer

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